Science, the partial penumbral lunar eclipse wasn't visible in north america but you can still view the full moon's quiet beauty. The space agency has awarded northrup grumman a $187 million contract to design the gateway's habitation and logistics, even though p t was just a playable teaser for a game that we will never actually get to play it still haunts many people's. China recorded three new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus as of the end of friday down from five the day before the, a ham radio operator in india falsely claimed to have made contact with the crew dragon capsule via ham radio during last.

A new map shows where people have the lowest impactbut are those the best places to protect a newly created map reveals the, tactical differences have emerged between activist groups in the years since black lives matter first became a national. The discovery of the exoplanet koi 456 04 orbiting the star kepler 160 suggests we should more aggressively look for, spider silk has been used by humans for thousands of years and the combination of its strength and stretch is exactly why. Recent pictures out of china indicate the people's liberation army still uses the flamethrower invented more than a century

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